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    1.Mobile On Condition.
    2.USB Debug Mode Enabled.
    3.Minimum 2Gb Memory Card Inserted into Phone With 32 BIT Formatte.
    4.Now Connect To Pc Port.
    5.Open Volcano Box Software.
    6.Go to SPD Tab.
    7.Select 6820/8810.
    8.Select One-Key Root.
    9.Select Backup Flash from Option.
    10. Untick Auto-Detect Pinouts.
    11.Click on Run.
    12.Mobile will Detect Phone on ADB.
    13. Some Times After Volcano Box Software Ask Where Save File.
    14.Make Flash File Path.
    15.Some Times After Mobile Read Done.
    Lemon P5 SPD Android Mobile Read Done In Volcano Box Type
    Read Flash Image 1
    [​IMG]Read Flash Image 2
    [​IMG]Read Flash Image 3
    [​IMG]Read Flash Image 4
    [​IMG]Tip=Now Read Flash Done IN Volcano Box Flash File Type Not In PAC File type

    Here I Telling You How To Making PAC File

    1.First Download ResearchDownload_VER_2.9.7017
    <Bạn vui lòng đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem được nội dung này!>


    2.Open ResearchDownload_VER_2.9.7017
    3.Open To Settings.
    4.Go To Main Page.
    5.Select All Files.
    6.Select Product I Select SC6820 Because Lemon P5 In SPD Cpu.

    Here All Flash File Read Flash By Volcano Box

    7.Put Various File In This Format.

    8.Click On Packet

    9.Save Flash File Path In PAC Format.

    10.Now Complete PAC File

    11.Now Ready Lemon P5 Flash File In PAC Format

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